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Jinii B. 

When COVID hit, we were in a really tough spot. My youngest son had been struggling with reading and was well behind his classmates. Then we were forced to distance learn and any progress he had been making halted. My older son had no motivation to do schoolwork at home and was falling behind. Aalia came in and saved the day. She not only got my youngest up to grade level and helped him build his confidence so he was not only meeting his goals set, but exceded them. My older son went bak to in-person learning on track and even ahead of where he need to be. He just tested awhole year ahead in math. She made learning fun and I know the skills she taugh my boys will help them for years to come!

Rhonda S.

Ryan was incredibly knowledgeable about Statistics. Our sessions were organized, but flexible enough to accommodate any of my learning needs as they arose in the class. All of these factors were very important to me because this was my second time taking this Statistics course and my confidence level was very low. The second time around was high stakes because my performance determined whether I would be admitted into a graduate nursing program. I completed the course with a B+ and will begin my graduate studies next year!     

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