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Private Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

What does homeschool support look like?

Teachers and families design a weekly and daily schedule together for support with specific subject areas. The teacher is not the only source of instruction, but rather, enriches and reinforces what the family wants students to learn. 

What does tutoring support look like?

Tutoring typically takes place after school and is designed to reinforce instruction learned in the classroom. Some examples of support may include homework help, extra practice, and/or extension of grade-level concepts.

What does mentoring support look like?

Mentoring experiences are designed to assist students in the transitional phases of their learning experience. Some examples of mentoring support include SAT/ACT test prep, college application essays, GRE test prep, graduate application essays, and other licensure/certification test prep.

How much do your services cost?

All services are billed at $50 per hour. 

Where do sessions take place?

Session locations are determined between the family and the tutor. Some examples of learning locations may include the student's home, a coffee shop, a local library, or virtually via Google Meet.

How long are sessions?

Most sessions typically take one hour, but the amount of time can be adjusted based on need.

Are tutors screened to work with children?

All tutors have been cleared with current background checks. 

What are the tutors' qualifications?

All tutors have degrees, advanced degrees, licenses, and/or experience teaching their subject areas of expertise. 

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